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St. Louis-based Novus Companies is a locally-owned real estate development firm that transforms ordinary locations into unique, exceptional places. Our real estate portfolio includes Class-A retail, Class-A office, and high-end residential properties located throughout St. Louis and the surrounding area. Having developed, owned and managed more than a million square feet of commercial space in the region, Novus completes challenging commercial and residential projects in communities where potential is often difficult to realize.

Our ability to accomplish the entire development process under one roof, from land acquisition to building layout, construction, lease-up and management, enables us to evaluate opportunities and move quickly in an environment where timing is of critical importance.

Novus’ origin is traced back to the need for real estate management in the Brown & Sons Foodliner chain of IGA grocery stores in the 1950s. Later, several of the grocery stores were converted to multi-tenant commercial properties. In 1988, Novus Development was established to undertake larger projects. Today, Novus consists of several companies which provide various services within the commercial real estate field. These companies are comprised of talented professionals with decades of experience and expertise in the areas of site selection, land assemblage, development, property management, fiscal projection, project leasing and building maintenance.

Always respecting the architecture and unique culture of the communities in which we develop, our projects revitalize areas, create valuable experiences and strengthen the neighborhoods for the future. We strive to create memorable destinations that define the character of each community. These communities are where we live, work and play ourselves, thus a high degree of community involvement is essential.

Unlike developers who complete a project, sell and move to the next, we are committed to the creation of permanent assets for our portfolio. Our pride of ownership is manifest in the high level of project delivery, property maintenance, tenant and resident service that we deliver on a daily basis.